Introduction Journey to the Animal of Imagery: Elephant group audio

Audio, February 15, 2018

This is an audio recording of the discussion/instruction section of the 2018 Animal of Imagery (Elephant Group) session.

The discussion with each year’s group can be very different so it may be of interest to you to listen to the discussions from a year other to your own.

The times listed below are approximate.

Discussion (approximately 40 minutes long)

0-3min Second Year Imagery facing outwards, rather than inwards, Ways of knowing.
3min Cultural Emphasis on Thinking; How different languages describe the relationship to feeling;
7:38min Deep Imagery as experience, wholistic
8:03 0min Thinking, Thinking as a protector; affirmations.
9:50Min Barbara on affirmations
10:37-14:00min Feelings influenced by thinking;
14:00 – 16:00 The relationships of thinking feeling sensing and imagery inside you! Aiming for wholeness; The differences between how thinking and imagery work;
16:00-16:59min Outward trajectory of the ways of knowing
17:00-19:57 Question from Kristyn on affirmations and imagery;
20:00- 22:30min the importance of discovering how do I know
22:30- Healing and the ways of knowing
23:50-24:30min Original Thinking; outside of patterns.
24:30min – Mary on some of her process
26:30min feeling memories; Mary’s personal story in reference to the ways of knowing;
37:40min The complexity of this work; the great adventure. Curiosity.