Journey to the Animals of the 4 Windows: Guiding reminders 1

Reminders for guiding (1)

The journeys to the Animals of the Four Windows are similar to the journeys we did to the Animals of the Centers of Aliveness i.e the Chakra Animal journeys.
Here are some reminders of how to progress when guiding these journeys. The journey is alive and in the moment. Draw on your own experience. Stay in touch with your own guides, especially your guide to journeying.
  1. Ask inside which Window you should visit today. This could also be done after the Relaxation
  2.  Relaxation/ lead in to journey
  3. Call out for an animal or guide to whichever window you are working with “Call out and ask for the Animal or guide to your Feeling to come.” At this stage, you know that the animals may bring you elsewhere and trust that!
  4. Guide the journey as you have guided other journeys.
    1.  Encourage participation with the inner guide.
    2. Encourage experience rather than conversation alone.
    3. Ask the animal if it needs anything from you?
    4. Ask if any is ready to heal, when appropriate.
    5. Ask your guide what needs to happen (next)?
    6. Pay attention to the state of the animal/guide. If they are injured, chained, afraid or anything else, suggest that the journeyer assist the animal resolve the issue.
    7. Focus on healing, and encourage participation, interaction and communication. Useful phrases include:
      • Tell that to your guide
      • Tell your guide how you feel.
      • Tell your guide that that is what you are thinking.
      • Tell the guide you do not want to do that.
      • Tell your guide that you are afraid, happy, sad, angry etc.
  5. If there is more than one animal in any window, you can visit both and see if they want to merge or if any particular healing needs to happen between the two (or more) Animals. Draw on your work with guiding to Polarities and on visiting more than one chakra animal at once.