The benefits working with the Ways of Knowing

The benefits

Spend time with these Guides, as much time as you can. Not only is this important for you in seeing how you yourself Know, but it will help you when guiding others. As you begin to distinguish Thinking from Imagery from Feeling and even from Sensing, your guiding will become more incisive. You will see more clearly where you may need to intervene, to move a journeyer deeper into imagery rather than avoiding through Thinking or because a feeling has been triggered. You will be more aware when Feeling is underpinning resistance or blocking someone from moving forward or needing to be expressed. You will begin to understand the characteristics and strengths of each window and how they relate to each other. You will be more aware of what is the nature of thinking? of sensing? of feeling? of Imagery?  and see what window is open in the person who is journeying.
As your work goes deeper, you will also discover the importance of balance between the Four Ways of Knowing. You will also become more aware of your participation with your guides. Knowing will not just be dominated by one way but instead will be a balanced knowing between the animals and you.