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Other resources

Distance Learning trainees have access to a lot of video and audio resources. There are videoa of Dr. Gallegos instructing and talking about deep imagery. There are also videos available from other years of trainers and trainees journeying and guiding so participants get to see how individual the experiences can be. We also bring in “guest” speakers occasionally in order to expose the people in the training to the widest possible array of quality, in terms of trainers and uses of imagery.

We use Zoom for out group sessions. You are free to use internet and phone to practice guiding and to experience our own imagery journeys. FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger, Skype have all been used for the individual sessions. The group sessions are recorded and trainees have access to the recordings for the duration of the training. Additionally, extra articles, videos and other information on imagery are made available to the trainees.

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