If you are a student and have issues with some aspect of the website, get in touch and ask for help.


  1. Be specific in describing what is happening. If you send a message like “My login doesn’t work”  be aware that there may not be enough information in that to solve the issue. If a tech person checks and your login is working, (That is, your username and password are correct and accepted by the system) then that is the answer you will get.

    If by stating “my login is not working” you are trying to say “When I login, I am brought to an unexpected page” or ” I cannot find… ” or something else unusual is happening, then be specific in describing what is happening.

  2. Describe EXACTLY what is happening.
    • When I login, I get an error message that says “xxxxxxxx”
    • When I login, I am brought to the dashboard and I cannot find….
    • When I click on this link/page/lesson/topic, this happens…
    • When I try to reset my password, this happens….
    • When I try to do X, Y happens
    • When I do X, this happens…
    • When I do X, first I see y, then this happens…


  3. Give as much detail as you can. There are 1000’s of possible issues so describing exactly what happens is the best way to ensure that your issue can be fixed promptly.
  4. Describe rather than conclude. Keep it simple and direct. “I did this and then this happened.”
  5. Include screen shots, if you can. An image can be clearer than words at times.




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