Why Take a Deep Imagery Training?

Distance Learning Training

A personal note.


There are a number of places both on this website and on DeepImagery.net where we outline the benefits of our training and tell you about the curriculum and the expected outcomes. All that information is valid. This type of description appeals to our logical, thinking side. It may be needed if you wish to speak to an employer in order to take some time off or if you are invested in learning skills. All we describe, we provide. Indeed, I don’t believe that there is any other imagery training currently available that offers as much as we do in the line of skills and exposure to types of imagery work.  But this work goes deeper than skills alone.

Our deep imagery training is not just about learning skills but it is about attending to your own wholeness, about your own inner process, about going deep within and discovering your own inner allies. It gives you the luxury of a dedicated time in which you can go inside and discover the beauty and profound wisdom of your  inner world.  The depth of these experiences will form the basis for your ability to accompany other people individually in their healing journeys.

This training allows you develop relationships with the deepest aspects of your self. Sometimes, maybe even mostly, these aspects come to you as animals. Sometimes, they come as other beings. Through this work you get the opportunity to grow your relationships with them so that they become your allies and friends, your companions on the journey of your life.

As your relationships with your inner guides deepen, you will begin to trust this older and deeper knowing within you. This is a knowing that is uniquely yours, an innate wisdom that knows your own pace and supports the direction of your life path. It is a knowing based in the individual you are, and that stands in the wholeness that is yours.  You will come to trust without doubt your inner intuitive guidance.

Yes, there may indeed be scary moments during the training. There will undoubtedly be injuries that need healing. There will be parts of you that perhaps you have never before met, powerful parts, sad parts, joyful parts. There will be injured aspects, lost animals, sad children but there will also be happy animals, powerful guides, loving beings. There will be feelings, emotions that may be new or recurrent, that you may wish were not present. There may be memories to visit that you hoped to forget but you begin to trust that it is only by embracing these experiences, that you can grow fully into who you are meant to be.

But through even the darkest of places, you will never be alone. You inner guides will walk with you and will never bring you anything you are not ready to handle. Your trainer and training group will also walk their paths beside you, in companionship, as they too, (trainers included) do their own work, meet their own guides and journey to those places of deepest healing within themselves.

Your deep imagery guides will teach you to be compassionate and tender with yourself. They offer you endless compassion on your journey. They allow you speak the things that are deep in your heart, to say the words that perhaps you have never expressed, or words you did say but were never before heard. Your inner guides become your best friends and your best teachers. They have been waiting for you to come and say hello, to walk with them, to experience their support for you. They will teach you to trust, to know the ways of your soul.

In the training, there will also be times of great joy and celebration, of insight and of owning the parts of you that you pushed away because they were too big, too powerful, too whole. Our training gives you the time to know yourself, to discover and celebrate your wholeness; to know the direction of your life as a continuous, beautiful path.

Your trainers and the other people in your group will also accompany you. You will not be alone for human companionship. Your training group will hold the space you need. They will listen with respect. They will guide you in to your inner world.  And you too will learn to listen to yourself, to make room for the beauty that is within you, to trust that your healing is not only possible but fully available to you, waiting for you to say “I’m here. I’m ready to go with you.”  That is all it takes to begin.

My advice to my trainees is “Pay attention your own healing first. Dedicate yourself to seeking your own wholeness. Your own healings, your experience with deep Imagery will teach you best of all how to be with others. This training is a chance to deepen yourself. Seize the opportunity with both hands and all of your heart.

Deep Imagery changed my life. It continues to do so! It can change yours too.

© Mary C. Diggin, PhD

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