Whereas the first year of training was focused on an individual looking within and developing a relationship with those inner dimensions that essentially guide one through the experiences necessary for healing, growing, and coming into wholeness, the second year of training involves a broadening of possibilities.

It will includes journeying with

  • the animals of the senses (eyes, ears, taste, smell, and touch),
  • work with dreams in non-intrusive ways
  • working with the Animals of the Four Windows, The council and intuition
  • Offering an Image, Storytelling, working with Feelings.

The second year also involves using deep imagery as a way of looking outward, and arriving at the place of natural storytelling, the quality that most differentiates us from the other animals. It also explores chakra reading, combined with storytelling and journeying, in a way that recognizes how part of what we see is always filtered through our own lenses. In a therapeutic setting, this skill can be used to assist a client who has difficulty in accessing their own imagery.

The Four Windows of knowing: thinking, sensing, feeling and imagery.
Through these windows we experience the world and get in contact with it. In the journeys we meet – just as with the chakra animals – an animal of each window to finally bring them all into a council. Here it is important to know: Do the animals know each other? If yes, do they like each other? Is one of them dominating the others? Which one wants to integrate? Is one of them an outsider? In exploring all of these aspects we come to a deeper understanding of why some of our ways of perceiving the world are less developed than others. We will experience how the four windows develop a new cooperation out of their own inner wisdom and will thus allow us to gain a holistic experience of the world.

Journeys into dreams
Working with Dreams is part of Second year but because you may experience intense dreams during a training group, a dream journey may also happen in First year.

Dreams are messages that come out of the inner core of our aliveness. It is possible to journey into a dream using deep imagery. The dream itself is held in respect and not “used” or manipulated through interpretation of our thinking. In such a journey you call a dream guideand ask what he/she can show you about your dream. Journeys into dreams can be very free: some people are guided chronologically through the entire dream while others only meet a certain part of it. In any case the message becomes clear and present. Dream journeys are a powerful means to explore our inner depths.