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Deep Imagery Training Year 1

3 Years of Self-Discovery

Growing and exploring your Deep Aliveness through working with Deep Imagery. Year 1: Meetings with Inner Animals



Meeting Dates 2020

October 30, 2020 November 6, 2020 December 17, 2020
A Brief Outline of First Year
  1. The Seed Journey
  2. Meeting a Single Animal Guide.There is a lot of choice in this section. You can meet a number of animal guides and shoud do so, if you have the time. The possibilities include:
    • Animal of Guiding
    • Guide to your sense of Responsibility
    • Guide to whatever most needs to happen
    • A Guide to one of your chakras
    • Any other guide that feels appropriate to you.
  3. Working with Polarities. The possibilities include:
    • Physical Polarities: Left/Right hands/feet/eyes/ears/sides of the body
    • Emotional Polarities: Love/Hate; sadness/joy; anger/care; That is, whatever polarities  arise for you. For instance Love/Hate may not be a polarity you experience but love/indifference may. Your journeys will always be individual and relevant to you.
    • Any other polarity that arise for you.
  4. Meeting Your Chakra Animals
  5. Council of Animals
  6. Healing Circle