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Information for 2022

Dates: The meeting dates for 2022 will be the first Thursday of each month, beginning on April 7, 2022

Time: Suggested time is 10am Mountain time but if it suits the group better, we can meet either earlier, from 7am Mountain time on; or later in the day. As the group is usually international and crosses many time zones, we will do our best to find the optimal time of day to begin, for the whole group.

Tuition: $1800 per year.

Fee Structure:

Year One: Deposit $300 plus Tuition $1800= Total $2100

Year Two: Tuition = $1800

Year Three: Tuition-Deposit: $1800-$300=$1500.


Trainers: E.S. Gallegos, Ph.D. and Mary Diggin, Ph.D.


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First Year and Second Year fees: $1800

Third Year Fee: $1500

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