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Talking Stick:

The Talking stick, used in many Indigenous cultures, is an ancient and powerful “communication tool” that ensures a code of conduct of respect during meetings is followed. The person holding the stick, and only that person, is designated as having the right to speak and all others listen quietly and respectfully.

Traditionally, talking sticks are most frequently used in council circles, ceremonies and at the beginning of cultural events such as potlatches, and in storytelling circles. Some cultures do not use a Talking Stick per se but use an eagle feather, wampum belt, peace pipe or sacred shell. Talking Sticks can be a natural piece of wood, simple and unadorned or they can be elaborately carved, brightly painted,  adorned with symbolic items such as fur, leather, feathers.

Spend some time finding your talking stick or other item that wants to support you in your process. Ask it is it willing to be your talking stick. Ask what it needs from you? Ask for its support. If it wants to be decorated, it will tell you.

In our Deep Imagery Circles:

We often create space for a talking circle in our Deep Imagery circles, sometimes at the beginning and also when share our journeys with each other. In a shared physical space, we pass a single talking stick from person to person so each has a chance to speak or to be silently present with themselves, in the circle. For our Zoom meetings, we ask that each of you bring your own talking stick to the circle and hold it when speaking.In this way we can “symbolically” pass the stick along, each person having access to their own.

The talking stick creates a protected space that allows you become deeply aware of what you experience in the present moment. When holding a talking stick, you are invited to take time to discover within you what wants to be shared, what is present right now to be said, what is inviting itself to be expressed. It is a heart-space, a time when you speak from your depths to what is present for you in this moment.

The Talking Circle is a safe place where your words or your feelings or your silence is heard without judgement. It is a space when we all can truly listen with the ears of our heart, to all the voices within. It is a time where you also are invited to hold this safe space for all the parts of you who wish to speak or be silent and offers you the opportunity to do the same for others.

Please have a talking staff/stick (or crystal or another grounding object) with you when we meet. Begin by listening to your heart and trusting. 


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