Guidelines and suggestions for the journeys with the Animals of the (individual) Senses

Guidelines for the Journeys

We have natural polarities in how we think about our bodies. Right/left; Front/back, inner/outer to name the most obvious. When we work with the Sense of Hearing, of Seeing and also, for some people, the sense of smell, you may need to visit 2 animals. In many ways, the journey is like the Polarity Journey in first year, as far as the structure goes.

Animal of Hearing, of Seeing and possibly Smell

  1. Relaxation
  2. Focus on your either your right or left ear/eye/nostril and call for the Animal to come forth.
  3. As usual, greet the animal, ask what it may need from you, ask what needs to happen etc.
  4. Journey as you would normally
  5. When this part is finished, you can tell the animal you are going to meet the animal of the Left (or right) ear/eye/nostril and ask the animal if it would be willing to meet with this animal later.
  6. If it is willing, thank it. You can ask if it wants to come with you now or if you can simply call it later. It will tell you what needs to happen.
  7. If it isn’t willing, you can ask if it it needs something or in someway, give your animal the space it needs around this.
  8. Thank your guide.
  9. Transition to the next part of the journey, however best that needs to happen.
  10. Focus on the other eye/ear/nostril and call for the Animal of that eye/ear/nostril to come forth.
  11. Repeat Steps 3-8 with this guide.
  12. If the animal are willing to meet, facilitate that happening. Think of how you have gathered the council or similar if you need reminders.
  13. Pay attention to how they meet, what happens. You, as journeyer, may participate or not. Be aware of dynamics between the 2 animals and if appropriate, the dynamics between you and the animals.
  14. Check if they would like to merge. Merging can give the journeyer an experience of the Sense as a unity. The animals may or may not stay merged.

Animals of Touch & Taste

You may meet a single animal for Touch and for Taste. Usually people do. It is a straightforward calling of a single animal guide.

If you feel drawn to explore these senses in more depth and more specificity, call for a guide and check with your guide if this is appropriate. It is possible to meet all sorts of aspects in the senses. However, the purpose is not show how much you know about the senses or how many taste bud types you have but for you to sincerely engage with what needs healing in you around your senses.

So, if your guides suggest to you that you meet different aspects, great. Use the skills you developed in first year with gathering animals into a council or as you did with polarities to guide and journey.

If there are a number of animals, check that they are not appearing because of a split in the aliveness of that sense. Usually, for instance, if you meet 2 or more animals in a chakra, it is because the aliveness has had to split for some reason and you may need to return to that original experience in order to begin the natural wholeness of that aliveness.

But if you need to journey to each type of taste bud, great. Do invite them to meet. Participate with them in the meeting. Invite them to merge so that you get an opportunity to experience the wholeness of that sense.


Always remember that these are guidelines. The actual journey is alive, specific to the moment in time, impacted by the relationship the journeyer has with their guides, with whatever needs healing. It is also impacted by the presence you have, the places in yourself you have met/healed/accepted and ejected.

Return to the fundamentals of guiding if you feel lost. You already have worked on many of the skills you need to guide whatever variation appears in these journeys.

  • The animals are the guides. Ask them what needs to happen.
  • Be aware of when you over complicate with your thinking.
  • Communicate
  • If a feeling arises, be willing to meet it. Ask when it first came into your/his/her life
  • When guiding, remember the journey isn’t yours. It is the person who is journeying and it is their relationship with the animals that is the focus; it is experience which is important.