My name is Susi and I am currently (2019) a third year trainee with Mary Diggin.  I want to express to you the wonderful miraculous work of on line training in Deep Imagery.  Mary has been guiding me on line for six years.   I live in Southwestern Ontario Canada.  To get to the intensive trainings in Europe was not feasible because of the time and expense.
Mary is gentle , kind and the most patient, positive person I know.  Her expertise in the PTPP is outstanding. She has guided me through my life challenges to a place of freedom .
I feel gratefulness beyond measure, especially at the end of our Zoom Meetings.  We, the participants are oceans apart but experience the oneness of all life. The time between our Zoom teachings we use to guide each other integrates our healing and increases my skill.
Many thanks to Mary, Steve and my trainee mates!

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