Journeys to the Animals of Senses: Intro

Journeys to the Animals of Senses

In this section we begin to work with the guides to each of our sense: Touch, Taste, Hearing, Sight, and Smell.

The focus of this year is mainly about our relationship outwards (to the world). To explore the complexity of our interface with the world, we already explored our Ways of Knowing: Thinking, Feeling, Sensing and Imagery as well as Intuition, through deep imagery. Now we move to exploring in some depth how we take in information though our senses. We live in our bodies and in a very real sense, we are our bodies on this earth. Everyday, we smell, see, hear, touch and taste. We take in information through our senses that allow us to nourish ourselves, that potentially open us to both good experiences and experiences we may categorize as unpleasant or even harmful.

We have done this all our lives. Indeed, as with our animals of knowing, we may find we have a preference for one or more senses over the others. We might respond more to visual stimuli rather than auditory stimuli. Saying things like “I really see what you mean” rather than “That sound great” may hint that we have astronger relationship with our sense of sight rather than our sense of hearing.

We may therefore discover that there are things to heal in our senses or that there are doorways we need to go through to more fully engage with our senses.

We both take information in and also, put information out through our senses. We may have filters tin place to assist us or that are remnants from past experiences. We may encounter polarities in our senses or have specific injuries we wish to explore: hearing loss, numbness, over-sensitivity to noise or light etc. etc.

So take this time to explore in depth how your senses engage in the world.

The basic Journeys (not in any particular order):

5 basic journeys, one to each of the senses. They may turn out to be more complex than I outline, as I suggest below. The initial journeys will explore how your senses take in information.

Journey to the Animal of Touch.

Begin with a single journey to The Animal of Touch. Engage with your guide as fully as you can.  You may ask if there is anything to heal in this area.  The journey to the animal of touch may lead you into specific areas of touch, hands, feet, skin etc. etc. You may also find yourself exploring the information you put out through your touch. Our skin, the organ of touch is the largest organ in the body. It is also a place where we have been very vulnerable. We may have suffered inappropriate touch. We may have had cuts and other physical injuries that leave emotional or other residues that can be worked through and healed through deep imagery. Trust your guides to know where you need to go and if there is a need to more than one journey.

Journey to Animal of Smell

Again, begin with a journey to a single Animal of Smell. From there, you may discover that you need to explore polarities again, like last year: Left/right nostril. Or you may discover sensitivities or lack of sensitivity. You may know of certain scents you have an intense reaction to: like/dislike, feel ill etc. etc. Give yourself the time to explore whatever aspects arise here. We now know that smell is one of the most evocative of our senses. It can be linked strongly to memories, to people, to situations we have found ourselves in. Therefore, it is potentially a rich sense to explore, with links to many of our past experiences, both good and bad.

Journey to the Animal of Hearing.
Like the Animal of Smell, the animal of hearing lends itself naturally to polarity work. So, in the journey to the animal of Hearing, you may discover 2 animals, a natural polarity, that calls for further exploration. You may also have certain sounds that you react to, and are attached to experiences or memories. You might be sensitive to loud noises, for instance, and that sensitivity might link back to specific injurious experiences. There also may have been words taken in through hearing that are not your words but things that have been said to you. Journeys to hearing can be potent in that way. You may find yourself working with criticisms you have heard, and taken as your own;  or with praises/good things you have heard and not been able to accept. All of these possibilities make for a fruitful exploration with  inner guides to the sense of hearing.

Journey to animal of Seeing/Sight
Again, this journey may explore polarities of the right eye and left eye. You may also journey to long or short-sightedness, or other eye “defects.” You may also wish to explore in depth if you have any filters in your vision. What do you not see? What are you blind to? What draws your attention visually?

Journey to the Animal of Taste
Taste is interesting. We have a single organ of taste, our tongue, which is divided into a number of taste zones: The taste buds for “sweet” are on the tip of the tongue; the “salt” taste buds are on either side of the front of the tongue; “sour” taste buds are behind this; and “bitter” taste buds are way in the back. So while the journey to the animal of Taste may be very straightforward, it may also choose to explore different aspects of taste. Be open to what your exploration of taste needs.

Additional Journeys

If you get through visiting each of the Animals of the Senses, most likely you will have explored how you receive information through your senses. You can also consciously journey to each of the senses and explore what you send out through your senses. Or what filters are in place, in the senses, if they haven’t already come up.

Trust your imagery guides! They will know what you need to do!