More Musings on working with the Senses

The Animals of the (Individual) Senses

In second year, our focus is on what I call the doorways and windows into and out of our selves. First year focussed on your core: The Seed Journey and the Animals of the centers of Aliveness (or chakras). The seed journey can allow you experience your potential and blossoming in a certain way. It is a journey that can be done many times. The Animals of Aliveness allow you get to know and experience yourself in your complexity … all these different alivenesses that are in your core, all different, all individual. It also allows you experience how you participate with them in your aliveness. And by completing the council of animals journey, you get to experience how all aspects of you can come together, work together, with you very much as a participant.

Second Year begins exploring broader and more outward facing aspects of yourself. How do you meet the world? First year is like being in the womb. It deals with the internal experience of you.Second year is explores happens after you have been born and you expand and move and grow and begin to explore the world. It allows you experience through imagery what you carry in the senses, in your ways of knowing, in your dreams etc.

The first exploration you did was sensory. You began to see. Color. Light. Shapes. People. You heard sounds in the world, voices, noises.Your mother’s heartbeat and bodily sounds were no longer your predominant experience of sound. Other things became important. You touch. You reach out. You discover hot and cold. Soft and hard. You placed things in your mouth. You tasted. You smelled. You begin to discern what you like and dislike through the senses.

Sensory experience is mostly immediate. “Ouch. That hurt!” “That’s hot. That burned me.” “That tastes good.” “That’s the smell of my favorite food.” We may not have this language yet but we move towards things or away from things based on our sensation of them.

Sometimes those sensory experiences get interfered with by others. “Don’t do that.” “Don’t run, walk, crawl.” “That’s not allowed.” The interference may be positive or negative but it is there. It can become a filter on our senses.

Part of the work is to explore both what we carry in our senses, what filters are in place, as well as what we put out into the world through our senses. What do we carry in to our experience?

There can be many nuances and versions of what we can explore in the senses but because this is a training, you are probably best advised not to over complicate how you think about it. If the animals bring you through a varied and complex journey, wonderful! But mostly, you can ask the Animal of Touch or of Smell or of Taste to come forth. If you have questions, ask the animal. Tell your guide you don’t understand or whatever, but be aware that understanding means you are working in your thinking.