Working with Feelings: Why ask the journeyer if they can be allowed see when this feeling first came into their lives.

We all have hurt and injured places in ourselves. Perhaps more accurately, within us are still the hurts and sadnesses of our childhood, held and undigested by the child we were.

Often in deep imagery journeys, when someone is feeling deeply, we suggest that you ask the journeyer if they can be allowed see when this feeling first came into their lives.

Why do we do this?

We do this because it is the child in you who experienced whatever happened. It is the child in you who hurts. While your adult self may be also feeling the hurt or pain or anger, it is the child who experienced it first, and probably most deeply, and it is they who need to be met by your adult self. It is they who needs the comfort and holding and healing. In that meeting, you can experience with them whatever initiated this hurt or anger or pain. You can help them receive from you in the journey, whatever they needed back then that they did not receive. It may be holding. It may be listening. It may be removal from a dangerous or frightening situation. It may be whispering or shouting how much they hate or fear or are angry. Whatever they need, give it space.

This is important. By meeting the child and experiencing what happened with the intent of healing and moving beyond it, by bringing your adult self who has survived and grown to the situation, you and the child can both heal. You can move through the emotional pain and triggers that occur still in your adult life and heal. You can do because by meeting and relating to the child, the present day experiences are no longer fueled by the undigested, unresolved, unhealed feelings the child carries for you.

One important aspect is to experience whatever it is. Deep Imagery is based in experience, not in concepts, not in understanding. Yes, those things can be helpful but not if all you do is stay in conceptual ideations. In fact, when working with someone, the more they jump into concepts, whether it is explanations, or spiritual ideas, or beliefs or “shoulds” or “becauses,” the more likely it is that the hurt is deep. Be aware of that. We often move away from experiencing into ideation in order to lessen pain. So the more entrenched someone is in ideas/beliefs/concepts, the more likely it is that whatever they are moving away from is a major injury in their lives. Guide them compassionately but with the awareness that if this has woken up, it is time for it to be met.

Deep imagery works because you experience. When guiding or journeying, we pay attention to whatever is happening, whatever is being experienced.So You feel. You say hello to the little girl or boy who first felt this emotion. You listen to what they say. You ask what they need. You provide to them what they needed but did not receive at the time. You hold their hands. You comfort them. You enable them move beyond the hurt, pain, anger they are stuck in and that consequently, you are also stuck in.

The first step is to meet them. To show up for them. To be there, experiencing the little warm body that needs holding. The wet cheeks that need drying. The whispered words that need voicing: The angers. The hates. The hurts. The fears. The loves. You as an adult can give that space to the child in the journey.

Deep imagery allows us do this beautifully.

So when we ask to see when something first came into our lives, it is so that this child who has been waiting for you, can meet you. It is so you can move through that feeling…whatever it is… fully and arrive in the present moment. You do this through returning to the often complex feeling place that the child is in and assisting that little girl or boy move through it in themselves; giving them the love and acceptance they need but had not previously received.