A4W: Guiding reminders 2

Reminders for guiding (2)

If the Animals don’t direct how the meeting between them needs to happen, you can help direct the Journey.

Remember to give the animals and inner guides a lot of space. Make sure you are not imposing your timing on the journey. Allow it to have its own timing.

Facilitating a meeting between 2 Animals or inner guides

  1. Allow the journeyer’s interaction with the first animal/guide to come to an end or to pause,
  2. if appropriate, ask the first animal if it is willing to meet the other animal
  3. transition to meeting the other animal. One way of doing this is to suggest that the journeyer returns again to their breath and then, call out and ask for the second animal to come, if it is not readily available.
  4. allow the interaction between the journeyer and the inner guide to happen as fully as it needs to;
  5. ask the (second) animal if it is willing to meet the first animal
  6. If it is not willing, you can ask it what needs to happen, or ask if any healing needs to take place first. Don’t force it. There  may be other journeys that need to happen before there is a meeting.
  7. If both animals are willing, allow them to meet. Pay attention to the meeting place. Pay attention to the attitude of the animals to each other.
  8. Encourage the journeyer to participate with their inner guides in this meeting
  9. Ask the animals if it would be appropriate for them to merge.
  10. When the journey has come to an end, give the Journeyer an opportunity to thank their guides and express anything else they need to. Be sure to bring the journeyer back to the space they are in, out of the journey and fully back out of their imagery.
When you have met all the Animals of the Four Windows, journey to your Intuition. It may have a very close relationship with one of the Animals of the 4 windows. It may come to you through one particular window of knowing or it may come as its own Animal.

Council Journey

Once you have met all the Animals of the 4 windows, see if they are willing to meet together, like the chakra animals did when they met in a council. If the Animal of Intuition is a separate animal, invite it to participate also. Pay attention to how the animals interact, if they are in balance, if any one animal is dominating, is alone or aloof, and if any healing needs to happen.