Introduction to the Windows of Knowing

Windows of Knowing

The focus in First year was very much about you getting to know your inner world of the deep imagination. You will have come to know may of your own energies through meeting them in your deep imagery. You may have become aware of how complex you are as an individual.  Not all your energies may have been in harmony and in first year, you will have learnt how to allow them meet, how to recognise splits in your energy (polarities) and how to heal through merging, and through allowing space and communication or finding the roots of the split in past experiences.

In second year, we take what we have learnt and begin a new journey of discovery. This year, we will begin to explore the windows that connect our inner world to the outer world. That is, we explore the openings through which knowing comes to us as well as how we interact with the outside world through our senses. We also will explore how almost anything (pain, thoughts, dreams, stories, movies etc. etc etc.) can all be doorways for our growing..

In the first part of the year, we focus on how our own knowing works. To do that, we work with the Animals of the Four Windows (of Knowing): Thinking, Feeling, Sensing (the knowing that comes through your senses) and Imagery. We also explore how Intuition, which we understand as a direct knowing without external evidence, comes to us. Additionally, in the second segment, we give ourselves time to work with the guides to all our senses: Touch, Taste, Sight, Hearing and Smell.

As always, the most important  aspect of the work we do especially with the Animals of the Four Windows and the Animals of the senses, is our own journeys. This year, more than last year even, I feel the focus needs to be on you working on your own journeys, being guided as often as you can. Take the time to discover how your knowing works. How does your windows of knowing work? What are their strengths, where are the injuries? What needs healing? How does your window of feeling operate? What comes in through your Senses? How about your relationship to Imagery? Do your animals of knowing, know each other? Have they ever met? What happens when you  invite them to meet?

As always, the core of the work is about relationship:  the quality/tone of your relationship with your animals/guides and of them, with each other.

This Year, you will explore:
What is your relationship with Thinking? With Feeling? With Sensing or Imagery? Is thinking a place of safety for you? Do you use it to close down feeling or imagery, for instance? Has your thinking been tasked with control, with making you safe, with dismissing knowing from your other windows? Is that an appropriate task for thinking? What does thinking want in itself? Do you find yourself valuing experience that can be verified objectively (Thinking/Sensing) and discounting or devaluing in some way, the more deeply subjective ways of knowing (Feeling/Imagery)? Is feeling a major window for you? Does it ever override other ways of knowing through amplified expression? Does it protect you through that? How does Feeling feel about that? what does it feel is appropriate? Are you comfortable with how Feeling can pick up ‘vibes’? Can you recognise feelings you may have picked up that are not yours? Does Knowing through sensing assist you in feeling safe, in being ok in yourself? Or, do you override that knowing for any reason? Do you transmute emotion into physical sensations, like pain? How does your imagery window open for you? and when? Where do you have your strongest and most favoured relationships with your ways of knowing and where is healing needed?

And how about Intuition or intuitive knowing? Some people act as if this is the most important thing. Some people use it to intrude and violate others, the sort of stuff that happens when someone says “I know what is really going on inside of you….”. In this work, we always say whatever you see if at least 50% yours, so whatever you think you’ve picked up on others, first find what belongs to you.

In the beginning of the year, we focus on discernment. Your task will be to discover in yourself what the differences how Thinking, Feeling, Sensing and Imagery work in you and then from that clarity, notice where intuitive knowing is experienced. What is the difference between that experience of knowing in you and the knowing you may call intuitive. Some people confuse Thinking with Intuition and some people genuinely have intuitive thoughts. Likewise with the other windows. Some people confuse Feeling with Intuition; some imagery. Some people have very sensory intuition. The task is to experience in yourself the differences in yourself so that you can recognize when something is genuinely intuitive or not.

This year, you will become more aware of how these animals of knwoing interact with you and with each other as you meet them individually and as they meet in Council. You will begin to recognise in yourself when you move predominantly into any one window rather than having access to all Fours Ways in any moment. As you come to recognise this in yourself, you will also recognise those tendencies in others, as you guide them. You will know how to address these Guides directly and with trust.

You may discover your inner ‘structure’ is not the same as someone else’s.  The important thing is that you give this process enough time so that your own work and healing can happen.