Summary of Second Year


Polish-American scientist and philosopher Alfred Korzybski remarked that “the map is not the territory” and that “the word is not the thing.” In the deep imagery work, we find his perspective very helpful.  We do offer a map. We offered a map of your inner alivenesses last year. This year, we offer a map of Knowing. The task is to explore how you yourself experience the various elements of the map in yourself.

So, while below is a list of the journeys/themes we will explore in Second Year, as always, remember that your personal process is vitally important. The journeys we cover will give you experiences that will broaden and deepen you yourself, as a guide and as a human being. They also allow you to discern, to be more insightful both in tracking yourself and your process as well as recognizing those aspects in other people.

I like to call Second Year, the year of windows and doorways. The focus changes slightly from First Year.  First year focussed on you discovering the core support of your inner alivenesses, on meeting and getting to know them and recognizing how you participate with them. Second year begins to focus on how you meet the outside world. We begin with you learning to discern how your knowing works. To do that, we spend time with The Animals of the Four Windows: Thinking, Feeling, Sensing and Imagery;  We also spend time discovering how your intuitive knowing relates to these 4 main windows and as always, how you participate in your Knowing. The aim is, as always, to come to a place of balance in yourself, healing any injuries, recognising your filters, and whatever you may put out through these windows.Ultimately, the aim is for balance, of all your ways of knowing participating with you and each other as equals; where none dominants or intrudes or takes over or is simply overly responsible; where none is devalued or doesn’t participate .

We spend time also working with the individual senses (Touch, taste, smell, hearing and Sight), experiencing through Imagery, how your senses take in information and once again, healing any injuries, recognising your filters, and whatever you may put out through these senses.

Later in the Year, we spend time playing with other doorways (emotions, pain, movies, poetry etc.) as well as exploring the shared space, those places where you might pick up information about others.

Second Year Journeys

In Second year, we will work with:

  • The Animals of the Four Windows of Knowing: Thinking, Feeling, Sensing and Imagery
  • Intuitive knowing: it may be one of your Animals of Knowing or it may be a different Animal.
  • The Animals of the Senses: Taste, Touch, Sight, Hearing and Smell
  • Working with Dream guides
  • Journeying into a story or a movie or something similar;
  • Calling a guide from a Physical Sensation, Concept, an Emotion, or Image.
  • Offering an Image &/or Telling a Story.

As usual, we will also make time to work on other issues that arise as needed.

Second Year is full and exciting. It gives you many ways to embark on your journey of self discovery. Enjoy it!