Welcome to Second Year

You are now in second year of the training. That means you have all completed first year, which is not a light accomplishment. You have spent a year exploring your engagement with deep imagery through the Seed Journey, Polarities, the Guides to the Centers of Aliveness (The Chakra Animals), the Council of Animals and the Healing circle. Through doing that, you have learnt to guide someone to meet a single, individual inner imagery guide. You have learnt how to guide someone to more than one guide: to journey to one chakra or one polarity and then transition to another chakra or the other end of the polarity. You have learnt how to bring two or more inner guides to meet. You discovered how these guides might merge and even more magically perhaps, how you can merge with an inner guide so that you experience the journey through your guide’s way of being. Perhaps you flew like an eagle or swam like a dolphin. Perhaps you burrowed through the earth and tasted earth for the first time. Maybe you experienced the balance between sky and wings. Perhaps you saw the world like never before through the eyes of a wolf or buffalo or cat. Whatever you participated with in your journeys, it broadened you, gave you new experiences, and expanded your inner world.
Hopefully, too, you have had the experience of healing, of discovering an injury that was ready to heal and of having your own wise and beautiful inner guides take you through that healing at the pace that was exactly right for you.
Draw on that experience as you move into Second Year. You have the basics. Use them to go deeper.