Gallegos: More on intuition

Chakras and Intuition:

The sixth, sometimes referred to as the “third eye,” is in the forehead and is concerned with thinking and intuition or seeing beyond the present moment.

Animals of the Four Windows, p17

Jung and Intuition as Imagery

Only subsequently did I remember Jung’s four functions of consciousness: thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuiting. I was curious about his naming intuition whereas I was convinced that imagery was the fourth mode of knowing, so I promptly reread Jung’s Psychological Types. I noted that whenever Jung spoke about the content of the intuitive function it was imagery. For example, he says, “The primary function of intuition … is simply to transmit images, or perceptions of relations between things, which could not be transmitted by the other functions or only in a very roundabout way.” (C. G. Jung. Psychological Types, Volume 6 of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Princeton University Press, 1921). As I began thinking about these four ways that we have for knowing, I kept seeing them more and more as windows through which we know the universe, and which allow us to interact with it. Each window has its own uniqueness. Each is capable of showing something that the others cannot, yet all of them are necessary if we are to have full contact with the universe and a full experience of our aliveness.

Animals of the Four Windows, p 26