Intuition as a Dimension in Itself

Excerpt from Animals of the 4 Windows, p. 36-39

I mentioned in an earlier chapter that Jung called the imagery window the intuitive function because his own intuition occurred through the window of imagery, but that intuition could come through any window. This has been explored in group workshops on the animals of the four windows, by also inviting an animal of intuition to appear and asking it about its relationship to the other four.

It also appeared spontaneously in the imagery of a therapist friend of mine. She writes:

“As I called out for my animal of thinking a large Barred Owl flew silently into view and took me up with her into the night sky. I thought I recognized her, and she said, ”Yes – I am she who appeared to you last Sunday on your way home from the Bridging Ceremony.” She can see into the darkness and into the dark – and, her hearing is another form of vision. She has no need to announce herself before her arrival … She says her name is Minerva, which makes me laugh. And it is wonderful to fly with her. She says we must go to meet with my Fierce Bird of Intuition, and she simultaneously takes me there.

He flies high over the desert -hawk-like – Eagle-like, some kind of fierce raptor – and his keen eyes miss nothing. He is of the Sun – the bright day, and she is of the darkest night. She says there has always been a beautiful connection between them, and both are proud of me for being willing to acknowledge that – but that now it is time for them to merge. I begin to feel a momentary pang at losing the two of them (I have only known him for moments) – but before I can even begin to think of protesting, they fly toward each other at high speed on a path aimed directly at the other’s heart. There is a tremendous impact and collision of light and out of it an enormous snowy owl spirals slowly upon huge silent white wings.

She says her name is Truth, and she takes me in immediately – flying me – so that my eyes look out through hers, and my ears hear the silent gasp of the air as my powerful wings glide through it. She flies me back to the redwood ringed glade, where Shining Heart, Coyote, and the Jays stand watch by my body. She still has my spirit in her. She speaks to them from a branch high in one of the trees, saying, “This woman has known for a long time that her intuition comes through her thinking: it is time now to end any separation between the two. Thinking and intuition live together now – they live in me, and I am Truth.” She blows my spirit gently back down into my body, and Shining Heart embraces me – calling me, “Daughter -my true daughter – my daughter in Truth.”

I feel open – wide – receptive, and Shining Heart takes me to that place of no boundaries – that place I call home – where every atom of my being vibrates to the interconnection between all beings. We return to the glade and invite the animal of feeling to be present with us. A very large iridescent blue butterfly lands on my belly – her velvety furred antennae vibrating gently and her wings opening and closing. She takes me inside herself so I can experience her extraordinary sensitivity.

She is so strong – she can fly thousands of miles, from steamy sea-level jungles to high snowcapped mountains – yet, she is fine-tuned to the most delicate nuances of feeling. She says she is here to fine tune me – that she recognizes my work in feeling the big feelings, and in making myself big enough to contain difficult feelings for my clients until they are big enough to do that for themselves.

But now it is time to let those shimmery flashes of exquisite joy that bubble up in me shine out to the world. She says, “Let me show you what your joy looks like to the world.” And suddenly the trees around us are wreathed with shimmering masses of blue butterflies – smaller versions of herself – pulsating with life and sparkling like jewels. ‘Would you keep that beauty from the world?” she asks.

She reminds me of two different times when I did withhold my joy out of some unconscious fear and shows me how that deadens me to the world. She says, “Don’t do that anymore; let your joy shine out and acknowledge it for the gift it is.” When I call out to meet my animal of sensing, I find myself with my old friend, Octopus, in an aquamarine ocean – dancing  in the water – feeling the water and the sunlight through the water on my skin – exquisite sensations of bodily pleasure.

I call out for my animal of imagery and the Black Panther appears. When I look into Panther I can see everything. Panther contains the entire universe.