Journeying with Intuition

As you can gather, the way into intuition is complicated by the place you are in as regards your own awareness around how your Ways of Knowing operate. The first step is that you sincerely engage in meeting with the guides to your 4 Windows; that you get to know your knowing in both its individual aspects (Thinking, Feeling, Sensing and Imagery) and in how they work (or don’t work) with each other.

In other words, before you meet intuition, I recommend that you first complete meeting the Animals of the 4 Windows and healing whatever injuries are ready to heal in those windows. Then meet with them as a Council so that you get to experience how these aspects of your Knowing can work together in harmony, with you also participating in this council, as needed. Just as in the Chakra animal council, you are paying attention to what the relationships between the animals are like.

Do they value each other as equal participants or are one or more animals dominating the circle? Or is one animal on the outskirts or otherwise excluded? Allow whatever needs to happen between the animals and you, happen, so that any imbalance or other injury has the opportunity to heal.

You can, if it is appropriate at that time, ask if one of those animals is also your animal of intuition. Or you can specifically journey to the council another time in order to explore intuition. At that time, you can explore further how your intuitive thinking or feeling or sensing or imagery manifests. Does it differ from other thinking or feeling or imagery or sensing you experience? How would you recognise it? Is there anything ready to heal? Is there anything it needs from you, etc. etc.

You can also specifically journey to meet your Animal of Intuition.
Don’t be surprised if the animal you meet is one you already know, one of the four windows or even the Animal of the forehead/Third eye. Again, explore with your guide any injuries, needs, memories etc. that require your attention.

You may also meet an entirely new animal. In that case, attend to it like you would in any other journey. Greet and ask it what it needs from you. Also ask it about its relationship with the other ways of knowing. Mostly, it has a particular relationship with some one or more of the other Ways of Knowing. You can, also invite it to meet with the other Animals of Knowing.

You are trying to get clear in yourself as to how your intuitive knowing manifests. Is it a thought that comes? A feeling? A physical sensation? An image? If you think it is something else, well, explore that. But take the time to become as fully aware as you can of what intuition is for you and in how it comes into your awareness.

You also are trying to become aware of how intuition participates in your knowing as a whole. This is why the meeting together of you and all your animals of knowing is important.

However you experience the different aspects of your knowing, the aim is to heal whatever might prevent a harmonious, balanced, participatory Knowing within you. Or more positively, the aim is for you to experience and become aware of the harmonious wholeness of knowing within you.