Apply for Deep Imagery Training-2024

Apply for the 2024 Deep Imagery Training group.

Online, with Dr Mary Diggin

A Three Year, In-Depth Training Process
Personal Growth, Supervised practice.

Deep Imagery/PTPP™ core curriculum, a unique method of active imagery, through accessing the deep imagination, as developed by Dr Eligio Stephen Gallegos.
Offered in a distance learning format.

Learn how to use deep imagery in your practice or for personal use. A highly enriching 3-year training in process-oriented, accessible, interactive deep imagery.

Chakra Animals ~ Dream Guides ~ 4 Ways of Knowing ~ Relationship work ~ Polarities ~ Emotions ~ Life process and changes ~ Trauma ~ illness ~ Wholeness ~ Deep Inner Wisdom

If you are interested in Deep Imagery Training, visit or contact Mary Diggin or Steve Gallegos at for information.

The fundamental aim of the three year training is to learn how to skillfully guide an individual on a journey that allows them a deep interaction with their own imagery.
Training in the First Year provides the basic theory and procedures governing work with the chakra animals and a minimal amount of experience in its use.
The second year involves extensive experience in developing a relationship with knowing through intuition and the four modes of knowing: thinking feeling, sensing and imagery.
The third year is spent in developing skills in working with two people simultaneously, firstly with their chakra animals and then with their animals of the four modes of knowing, in order to allow them explore their relationship at many levels.

Certified by the IIVR (International Institute for Visualization Research)

Gift Yourself with a journey of self-discovery, like no other!

MEET your Inner Guides
ACCESS intuition and inner wisdom
NURTURE profound creativity
REVITALIZE maintain a deep sense of well being
CREATE harmony for body, mind & spirit
Embrace your Deep Aliveness©
… in the comfort of your own home.

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Mar 30 2024


Mountain Time (USA)
All Day




Mary Diggin, Ph.D.
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