My name is Susi and I am currently (2019) a third year trainee with Mary Diggin.  I want to express to you the wonderful miraculous work of on line training in Deep Imagery.  Mary has been guiding me on line for six years.   I live in Southwestern Ontario Canada.  To get to the intensive trainings in Europe was not feasible because of the time and expense.
Mary is gentle , kind and the most patient, positive person I know.  Her expertise in the PTPP is outstanding. She has guided me through my life challenges to a place of freedom .
I feel gratefulness beyond measure, especially at the end of our Zoom Meetings.  We, the participants are oceans apart but experience the oneness of all life. The time between our Zoom teachings we use to guide each other integrates our healing and increases my skill.
Many thanks to Mary, Steve and my trainee mates!
Testimonial from Kristyn H.

Testimonial from Kristyn H.

I have had the most amazing experience being in the Deep Imagery Training with Mary Diggin. Her knowledge of teaching journeying has been an immense gift that keeps on giving.

The distance learning class has been such an amazing opportunity, where we have dived so deep into our own healing and helping others in the group to also grow and heal.

I have gotten such depth and awareness out of every class and the connection we share has developed into beautiful friendships. We have been through so much together in the two years, and Mary has continuously held all of us in her heart. Her true gift as a teacher is that she whole heartedly guides and journeys us with her intuition and wisdom. I am forever grateful to her and the training of Deep Imagery.
Kristyn H


With the 3-Year Deep imagery Training online, I am growing and becoming whole-r as I journey, guide and join our monthly group calls. I have the chance to spend precious, embodied time each week with people all over the United States and Central Europe, and I am living in Vietnam right now. It’s remarkable what we are all able to learn; to make available inside ourselves and for each other in this training.

In guiding others I witness them and am amazed again and again by the power, intelligence and creativity of this process. I am learning more and more about my own true nature and where I am blocked from accessing my wholeness and where I am wide open to embrace it.

The Deep Imagery Training is one of the best modalities to come into my life. I am only one year in and there is not a practice time or a meeting that I do not feel blessed and grateful to attend. I may be anxious, but still grateful. Yes, this process asks much of me – to turn toward my wounds, my embarrassments, my fear, my sorrow and my pain; it also asks that I trust, hold with tenderness, welcome, open wider and rejoice with all the parts of myself that I know well, that I am getting to know and that I don’t yet know.

It’s tremendous. If you are thinking about it – say yes! You really can’t but not. To be human means we are here to grow and to give back, and in order to do that we must trust and engage all of our inner alivenesses.

Thank you Mary. Thank you Barbara. Thank you Steve.

Jeanne Alberts

PTPP & IIVR Guide in Training

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